Community Service

At St. Martin in The Fields School we believe that, in order to learn true values, we must start by taking action. That is why we carry out various activities that involve our students, their families, teachers and department heads, to lend a hand of solidarity.


VINCULOS is formed by an Organizing Committee, formed by delegates from our Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary Staff, and representatives of families within the school’s community, who donate their time and commit to transmit values of solidarity to our students.

Fund-raising activities

Annual Charity Fair

Every year Vínculos organizes this great activity with the entire St. Martin in the Fields community, which has the ultimate aim of raising funds for different charity organizations. We share as a community, a day filled with fun, spirit of solidarity and friendship, collaboration and active participation.

Super Easter Eggs Raffle

This very special activity consists of an exchange imbued with a spirit of solidarity. Each student, depending on the kindergarten, primary or secondary level he/she is currently in, donates Easter eggs, school supplies, clothes, didactic games and material and receives a raffle ticket in exchange. All the collected material is then sent to different charity organizations.

A Box Full of Surprises (Centro Conin Bancalari and Casa del Niño de Lourdes)

The last special activity we organized was “A Box Full of Surprises”. During our Winter Holidays, the whole school’s community created special boxes which contained a toy made by them, games, sweets and other surprises. These boxes were donated to the children from Centro Conin Bancalari and from Casa del Niño from Lourdes for Children's Day, celebrated in Argentina every third Sunday of August.



For many years, St. Martin in The Fields School has been supporting the BABS home for the elderly in Villa Devoto as part of our REACHING OUT TO OTHERS campaign.
Every year our 6th and 7th graders visit their residents, sing songs for them and spend some much appreciated quality time together.
This year, due to current circumstances, we had to get more creative. Our students, with the guidance of our Music teacher, Martin Dejean, recorded the following videos for them.

And we were very touched to receive these responses from them:

“A Helping Hand”