Global Young Leaders Conference

St. Martin in the Fields yearly offers its secondary students the possibility of participating in the Global Young Leaders Conference and of representing our country and their school in this important international event, held in USA/Europe/China.

The general objectives of the programme are:

  • To train students for their participation in the national and international scene in their role as future leaders
  • To broaden their perspectives and develop their natural qualities for leadership through the analysis and discussion of globally relevant topics with outstanding diplomats and politicians of international renown

Here are the experiences from some of our students that participated in this conference.

GYLC Experience 2018

We, Bruno, Agustina, Penélope and Lautaro, participated in the ten day program, the Global Young Leaders Conference, which was held in Washington DC and New York.

We witnessed teenagers from all around the globe interact and exchange ideas, cultures and even languages, and became friends with many of them.

In this experience we were taught how to improve our leadership skills, worked in and learned about world problems, visited many museums and memorials and had fun.

We were given the opportunity to listen to the speeches of professionals, their concerns about the world, the work they are doing and have done and their advice for our future.

We are more than grateful for this experience and would recommend anybody to participate!!!