We want to share with you some information about our Department of Italian Language

Our school is  dedicated during the 5 years of Secondary School to the teaching of the Italian Language, introducing the culture and paying close attention to grammar and structures and emphasizing on the importance of the cultural and artistic legacy that Italy offers.

Students experience, from Senior 1 to Senior 5, a journey through different levels of the language (aligned with the Common European Framework for Languages, from A1 to B2), examining varied sociocultural and methodology matters that lead to the practical and communicative use of the Italian language.

We feel very proud of all the great and beautiful experiences during these years observing the growth of our our students and their performances in International Exams as well as the use of the language while selecting their university careers. We also value the participation of the students in special activities organized by the department, presented as Institutional Cross-cutting Projects (Fiera d’Italia, Festa di Dante etc).