Everything Starts Here

We accompany our young two-to-five-year-olds, strengthening their abilities through games designed to encourage their enthusiasm.

We convey the joy children need in their growth. We stimulate their self-confidence to help them become more and more independent. We encourage them to acquire responsibility for their actions and we try to imbue them with an interest in learning, in having a good time, in playing and above all, in “enjoying being a child” and in “learning to learn”.

Academic Objectives

Games are the main resource used for developing socio-affective abilities and achieving academic objectives.

Through the centres of interest, games and cooperative learning activities, students develop self-help abilities that lead to gradual independence and to the acquisition of a sense of responsibility.

The daily Kindergarten activities encourage the need to respect turns and classroom rules, to share material and listen to one another. The children also learn to look after their own belongings and school property and to interact with mutual politeness and respect.

jardín de infantes en Belgrano Capital Federal
jardín infantes Belgrano CABA
jardín de infantes Belgrano Capital Federal

The personal, social and academic objectives are developed by means of the use of the second language. Our extensive experience has allowed us to prove the benefits of the early introduction of bilingualism.

Personal, social and academic objectives are developed within the setting of English as a second language. From the initial Kindergarten levels, we gradually achieve an excellent level of comprehension and production through total daily immersion in the language and the interaction of children with bilingual teachers that use English in a spontaneous and natural manner in routine daily activities – Circle Time, songs, games, snack-time, playground, and story-time – and involve all the learning areas (Maths, Social Studies, Science, Reading & Writing, Literature, Music, Art and Physical Education) in a spontaneous and natural way.

Our Kindergarten offers solid academic formation as well as help – through our example and our daily attitudes – for our students to understand that the kind of learning that involves their active participation is the key to success.

Prof. María Cecilia Leonetti



St Martin´s works with an integrated curriculum comprising Mathematics, Natural and Social Sciences, Written and Oral expression, Literature, Art, Music and Physical Education. This integration achieved by means of thematic units is at the core of the learning experience.

Our children have Physical Education and Music lessons with specialised teachers since the first Kindergarten levels. Our four and five-year-olds go to our Sports Field.

Our academic experience is enriched by means of hands-on experiences such as Workshops, outings to theatres, museums and other places of cultural interest. We also foster the interaction between the school and our families.

Jardín de infantes bilingües en el Barrio Belgrano
jardín de infantes en Belgrano Argentina

Kindergarten Traditions

National Holidays

We feel it is fundamental to develop the respect and appreciation of our customs, traditions and patriotic symbols from early childhood.


Our Kindergarten celebrates the following dates through workshops, games, pageants and special activities.
Easter Party – Spring Party – Workers Day Assembly
Child´s Day – Teacher´s Day – Halloween´ s Trick or Treat 

Parent-Teacher conferences

In July and December, the school invites all parents to an individual conference with their children’s classroom teachers. On such occasions, they can talk about the evolution and performance of their sons and daughters in every area.

Open Classes

Several times a year, the school opens up to parents, so that they can see the classrooms “in action” and watch the students and teachers at work on a normal day of activities.


Two year olds:
Single Shift –  
Morning or afternoon shift.

Three year olds and four year olds:  Single Shift – Morning simple/ Full Time attendance. 

Five year olds: Compulsory full-time attendance