Letter from the founder

Dear Parents:

It is an honour to have the opportunity to address you through this page. We all know that perhaps one of the hardest tasks we must face as parents is to choose a school for our children.

How can I tell which the best school for my children is? This is probably the most common question we, as parents, need to ask.

The best way is to do a thorough research and to ask persistently until we find the place that provides all the answers we expect to receive. I believe the answers should be clear and honest so that parents can make the right choice.

Our school policy revolves around the students and its main objective is to offer them the support and encouragement they need in order to develop their individual potential and to prepare them for a worthy and successful future.

The work of our authorities and teaching staff always takes into account the needs and personal hopes and ambitions of our students. I believe the success of a school lies in the quality of its staff and in the spirit and aims of the institution in general. In this sense, I believe St. Martin in the Fields not only offers academic excellence, but overall personal development as well.

As Principal and founder of St. Martin in the Fields, I feel honoured by the trust that parents have placed and continue to place in the education we provide for their children and by the privilege of being part of this project that hopes to prepare our students for the world of tomorrow.

“Honesty, Wisdom
and Love”

Liliana G. de Piccinini