School Beliefs

At St. Martin in the Fields we believe in:

The importance of creating a healthy environment for our children to learn self-value and self-confidence, an environment that is conducive to loyalty, joy, honesty, tolerance, respect, empathy and a sense of duty.

The need to teach good manners so that our children develop respectful relationships with their peers and with all the people around them.

The individuality of each child and the need to provide orientation in accordance with his or her personal aptitudes and specific needs.

Providing equality of opportunities and treatment, irrespective of gender, age groups, nationalities and ability levels.

Ambition and dedication to studies as honourable and essential qualities.

Independence and in teaching children to look after themselves and their fellow students, to make their own choices and to be responsible for their actions.

We postulate that comprehensive education should have the previously mentioned values as basis, so that our main objective of achieving academic excellence may acquire a deeper sense. Thus, we have designed and balanced our curriculum accordingly, by offering a wide range of didactic experiences to help develop aptitudes in every area.

We are also convinced that we are responsible for offering children wide possibilities for exploring aspects of reality with which they have not had the opportunity to interact and for posing new motivating questions to help the construction of knowledge, while coordinating productive exchanges between the members of the group.

We have set ourselves the mission to help and not to hinder, to encourage and not to indoctrinate, to offer the child a pleasant and well-organised environment where to develop his or her potential, independent thought and the highest moral values to the utmost, while achieving an adequate insertion into the world of today.

“Honesty, Wisdom and Love”