The Arts

Arts Education across the areas of music and plastic arts allows us to offer our students the opportunity to carry out different aesthetic and expressive experiences that stimulate their creative capacity.

Music and Drama

Music and acting are part of the fundamental spirit of St. Martin in the Fields. In an enthusiastic and pleasant atmosphere, we make the essential elements required for the enjoyment of music and drama available to our students, while fostering expression through singing, dancing and playing musical instruments.

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The Plastic Arts

Art has a privileged place in our institution. We encourage our students to explore different materials and techniques to be able to combine them focusing on a specific desired outcome.

Our purpose is to form creative and perceptive individuals capable of visually appreciating the world, pondering on their own artwork as well as the artwork of others, respecting all art forms, embracing collaborative spirit in groupal projects.

The school promotes the knowledge and understanding of art and of artists that are part of the national and universal cultural heritage.

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