At St Martin in the Fields we are committed to going along with every learning experience through updated digital capabilities. We seek to combine constructive strategies in an active, collaborative and integrated way.

Learning by inquiry:

The use of digital tools is an educational content by itself where every concept and skills are built from discovery and working memory. A theoretical / practical or practical / theoretical framework comprises:

  • Online and unplugged activities as a digital/analogical balance.
  • Results with more than one possible approach.
  • Virtual and intuitive learning environments.
  • Open acceptance to error and emotions.

Design and Creativity

In an ever evolving world, we embrace the STEM+D (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics + Art/Design) perspective. Through a problem solving Design experience we find opportunities to integrate knowledge making sure resources are used in steadiness.

We offer flexible and active learning spaceshybrid classrooms fully equipped with wireless network connections, digital devices and A/V access points. A Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model is superseded with more than 70 PCs at the disposal of both teachers and students.


We help build an innovation culture through techno-educational collaborations with the best in the field.

St Martin – Digital House

Computer Science Program where device users become programmers and digital designers.

Digital Leadership Program

Intensive training track for teachers on Digital skills to guide their classes at school.

Mentoring and Support

Technical and pedagogical mentors carry out active observations and participate remotely to cover queries and to create opportunities to improve every class.


Once the program is completed teachers and students receive their annual certification.