The Arts

The Arts

Arts Education across the areas of music and plastic arts allows us to offer our students the opportunity to carry out different aesthetic and expressive experiences that stimulate their creative capacity.

Music and Drama

Music and acting are part of the fundamental spirit of St. Martin in the Fields. In an enthusiastic and pleasant atmosphere, we make the essential elements required for the enjoyment of music and drama available to our students, while fostering expression through singing, dancing and playing musical instruments.

The Plastic Arts

Art has a privileged space within our Institution. The main objective of art classes is to allow students to express themselves and communicate their feelings and ideas through a variety of materials and tools.

We seek to shape creative and keen-eyed persons with an aesthetic appreciation of the world.

Artistic expression in the plastic arts allows the students to carry out integrated work with their teachers on Interdisciplinary Projects that endow the artistic production with sense and stimulate the children to express and communicate their emotional states.

Provided with the incentive to give shape to their own work, our students produce paintings in the manner of the “great” painters.

One of the Schools' Projects for Plastics, which started this year and will continue on the next ocming years, has to do with the students in preschool and primary painting a self-portrait each year and in doing so, when they reach seventh grade,they will have their own personal diary of images that will serve as a record of time passed. 

This project is inspired in the artist Rembrandt who, through his career painted up to 90 self-portraits. In them, we can see through his images his own personal journal. As time passes, we can see which emotions dominated him on each occasion in which he decided to paint himself, which are evident in each of his paintings.