Twin School Abroad

St. Martin in The Fields & St. Luke´s School (Connecticut, U.S.A)


United since 2009, St. Martin’s and St. Luke’s share a common school mission and academic values and proposals, and thus create an enriching educational and social experience.

The exchange programme consists of 

  • Annual projects and parallel tasks in different primary and secondary school subjects
  • Annual student-exchange trips to Argentina and the USA
  • Exchange training trips for teachers to Argentina and USA
  • Bringing students from both schools closer by means of regular video-conferences

 We pursue the following objectives 

  • To stimulate the bilingual skills of the students
  • To foster the students’ interest in culture and the insertion into their world and that of their families
  • To establish social links and to exchange experiences in each stage of their lives
  • To develop an intercultural approach in the students through the experience of welcoming foreign teachers into our classrooms
  • To offer a unique experience to our teachers through exchanges with English-speaking institutions abroad

Exchange Trip 2014

In 2014 we celebrated 5 years of cultural exchange with St. Luke's and they visited us for the third time. 

The kids were accompanied by the teachers Sandra Comas (Spanish) and Jason Haynes (History), and stayed in our students' home.

Besides the traditional visits to Puerto Madero and Reserva Natural, Teatro Colón y Museums MALBA and Bellas Artes, this year the group with some of our students, had the opportunity to go on a city tour Bus, the Buenos Aires Bus, which took them up to Plaza de Mayo, where they took the history tour with our History Profesor, Gabriel Moya. They also went to the Legislatura Porteña, ending the tour in the neighbourhood La Boca.

They also went to a small farm residence in the Delta del Paraná and danced the Tango at the Coffee Shop Ideal! 

At school, our students from Senior 3 had a History class with Jason Haynes and the St. Luke's students brought some very interesting presentations about their culture, and enjoyed as well the different subjects with our Profesors.

They also went to the sports field and even participated in the General Knowledge Competition we had on our Flag Day with our students!! 

It was 14 days of truly intense activities that ended with a few tearful goodbyes...

Now we are preparing for the Exchange Trip with St. Luke's in 2015!!

Exchange Trip 2015

Accompanied by two teachers, on April 18th, 2015, a group of our students from 2nd to 5th Year trevelled to Connecticut on the Exchange Trip that lasted 15 days, where they were hosted by the families of the students at St. Luke's School. They assisted to class and visited lots of turistic attractions in New York and Boston.

Amongst other activities, the group went to see the musical “On the Town” on Broadway, they visited the Metropolitan Museum, World Trade Center, Bloomberg Studios in NYC, the “Museum of fine Arts”, Harvard University and Quincy market in Boston. 

Above all, our students created bonds of friendship with St. Luke's students and their families that will be hard to forget…

We would like to thank all of our kids and theachers for all their hard work and effort during this experienece!! 

And we would also like to extend our gratitude to all the students' families for their support and trust that they gave our school, which made possible for this project to be the succsess it was.

Exchange Trip 2016 

On 2016 we once again received a Group of St. Luke’s students. They came accompanied by Professors Avraham Sosa-Velasco y Rebeca Bataller Fuster. 

The kids participated in many touristic activities, visiting the classic Cabildo, the Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires and the Museum of Spanish Art Enrique Larreta. They also got to visit the neighborhood La Boca, Plaza de Mayo, Recoleta and Belgrano, and had the chance to go to an excursion to el Tigre.

At school, St. Luke’s students were part of our regular Language, Literature and Geography lessons, and attended a music and theater activity prepared by our Professor Martin Dejean.

We spent 12 days full of companionship and cultural Exchange that were very meaningful to all the kids. Now we must prepare for our next Exchange for 2017, where a group of St. Martin’s students will go visit St. Luke’s School!!


Exchange Trip 2017


On the 22nd of April of 2017, a group of St. Martin in the Fields School students went to Connecticut for 15 days, accompanied by two of our teachers, Miss Cecilia Caneda and Mr. Facundo Rodríguez Pérsico, where they were hosted by St. Luke’s families. They participated in school activities and visited some of the more touristic places y New York and Boston.


Amongst other activities, the Group did a walking tour through mid-town Manhattan and Central Park, they visited the Metropolitan Museum and the MOMA. They also went to South Manhattan, Battery Park, World Trade Center, City Hall, the Brooklyn Bridge, and a tour of Harvard University.


It was an unforgettable experience, for our students, and also for our teachers, who came back home feeling very grateful for all the hard work and effort on behalf of all St. Luke’s School community.