Kindergarten Traditions

National Holidays

We feel it is fundamental to develop the respect and appreciation of our customs, traditions and patriotic symbols from early childhood.

Open Classes

Several times a year, the school opens up to parents, so that they can see the classrooms “in action” and watch the students and teachers at work on a normal day of activities.


Our Kindergarten celebrates the following dates through workshops, games, pageants and special activities.

Easter Party  Spring Party 
Workers Day Assembly  Halloween´s Trick or Treat.
Child´s Day  Teacher´s Day 

Parent-Teacher conferences

In July and December, the school invites all parents to an individual conference with their children’s classroom teachers. On such occasions, they can talk about the evolution and performance of their sons and daughters in every area.

Prior to the interview, the teachers submit detailed reports on the different aspects of the students’ evolution in addition to the work that they completed during the term.