Book Fair - A week devoted to reading

Every year, the Language Department dedicates the Book Fair week to a series of activities oriented to foster the habit of reading in our students. The proposal stimulates the children to approach literature through a variety of activities that allow them to discover and recreate the wonderful world of ideas offered by books.

Several authors have accompanied us on different occasions, namely the witty writer Adela Basch, magical Fernando de Vedia, and the amazing Silvia Finder Gam, storyteller of children’s stories, among others. In addition, the children have the chance to visit the Book Fair with their parents to browse and buy books by new authors, both in Spanish and in English.

We can thus assert that on this tour, which brings readers and writers together, each page in each story confirms that reading is worthwhile, and that becoming a reader is worthwhile.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Twice a year, the school invites all parents to an individual conference with their children’s grade teachers during which they can talk about the evolution and performance of their sons and daughters in every area and receive detailed information about the various aspects of the evolution and work produced during the term.

Special Celebrations

Our institution is noted for being a large family within which celebrations are good opportunities for getting together. Grandparents’ Day or the visit of a special guest, Easter, Children’s Day, Spring Day and Halloween, among others, are occasions for open-door celebrations at St. Martin’s.