Academic Objectives

Our Secondary School programme, in Spanish and English, answers to the needs, interests and skills of the adolescent students, encouraging their intellectual and physical development and their creative potential.

In this stage, we seek to strengthen the basic skills acquired in every area of the Primary cycle, specifically promoting the development of effective study techniques and increasingly sophisticated cognitive processes, together with the capacity for analysis, interpretation and evaluation of information and with the development of empathy and critical thinking.

The teachers’ fundamental objective is to provide motivation to the students and thus achieve a learning experience that is both pleasant and challenging, aimed at academic excellence in every area. Simultaneously, they will pursue the development of self-discipline, independence, self-esteem and responsibility.

The Programme of Studies for both languages emphasises the interrelation between the different disciplines, thus putting forward a holistic vision of knowledge. This interdisciplinary perspective requires the student to consider achievements and problems in their widest sense, leaving aside fragmentation of knowledge.

At the end of the Higher Cycle, students receive the “Bachiller Nacional Bilingüe Modalizado en Ciencias y Letras“ degree (Certificate of Higher Bilingual Education in Sciences and Humanities) and "Bachiller en Economía y Administración con certificación bilingüe en idioma inglés y competencias en idioma italiano" (Certificate of Higher Bilingual Education in Economics and Administration, with competencies in Italian).

English at Secondary School

Just like in Kindergarten and Primary, English has a key role at Secondary school. Apart from studying the language proper, students take contents subjects in English. These lead towards the preparation of International Exams: Business Studies, Biology, History, Geography, ICT (Information and Communication Technology), Enterprise, Language, Literature, Enviromental Management and Global Perspectives. (Further details in the International Exams section).

Art at Secondary School

Students choose bewteen Music and Plasctic Art.


Our objectives include both production – by means of vocal and instrumental performance of popular songs – and appreciation of various style features, elements of musical discourse and special characteristics of the works students are exposed to.

Students study the origin of music and its role in ancient civilisations as well as the following movements: Baroque, Opera, Classicism, Romanticism, Postromanticism and the Avant-garde movement. There is also room for the study of music in films and for American and Argentine styles including tango and folklore.

Plastic arts

At Secondary school, we expand on the work done in Primary, developing the Concepts of dot, line, colour and other spatial indicators. Even though we continue seeing intuition as crucial, we do it from a more critical point of view, questioning every element of the composition.

We also carry out cross-curricular lessons with the Music Workshop where we study both musical and plastic productions of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, Baroque and Romanticism. Unlike Primary, where the history of art is approached in a more biographycal manner, at Secondary we focus on the social contexts in which the studied works were produced.

Physical Education

The specific objetives at Secondary are a continuation of those developed in Primary, adjusting them to the evolutionary stage of adolescents.

Our lessons are carried out in the Sports Field and incluye the following disciplines:

  • Rugby
  • Athletics
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Physical training: resistance, flexibility, speed, strength and coordination.