At St. Martin’s Secondary School, we carry out a great range of activities that enrich the teaching-learning process.


We take part in:

  • OAF (Argentinean Physics Olympics), organized by the University of Córdoba
  • OAB (Argentinean Biology Olympics), organised by the University of Río Cuarto
  • OACJ (Junior Argentinean Science Olympics), organised by the University of Cuyo
  • OMA (Argentinean Mathematics Olympics)
  • Translation Olympics and Spelling Olympics, both organised by the University of Belgrano
  • Panels with visiting professionals
  • Partner for a Day Programme, organised by Junior Achievement

Community Spirit Day:

This day is devoted to working towards integration, the development of a spirit of solidarity and the joy of sharing various activities between students and teachers.

Inter-house General Knowledge Competition

  • Didactic Outings
  • Senior Play
  • Global Young Leaders Conference

St. Martin in the Fields yearly offers its secondary students the possibility of participating in the Global Young Leaders Conference and of representing our country and their school in this important international event, held in USA/Europe/China.

The general objectives of the programme are

  • To train students for their participation in the national and international scene in their role as future leaders
  • To broaden their perspectives and develop their natural qualities for leadership through the analysis and discussion of globally relevant topics with outstanding diplomats and politicians of international renown

Transversal Projects:

Over the last few years we had various transversal projects in which every secondary student participated. Some of them were: Science Fairs, Shakespare Festival, Academic Decathlon, Sustainability Fair, Book Bash, Italian Fair and we are currently preparing the “That 60s and 70s Show”.