As students become more independent, the need for a multicultural understanding and the capacity for the comprehension of other languages turn more and more important. When our students reach First year, they already have a thorough command of spoken and written Spanish and English, and we therefore deem it appropriate to begin the teaching of a third language, Italian.

At Secondary School, our students have the opportunity of rapidly achieving communication in this language and of gaining access to a different culture, thus accomplishing the essential objectives of this course.

The teaching of Italian is therefore divided into two cycles:

  • The first, beginning with a communicative approach, focuses on the language and its structures.
  •  The second focuses on culture and its authors (History, History of Art, Literature, Philosophy and Science).

During Secondary, students have the opportunity of sitting for exams at Dante Alighieri Academy and they can also take the PLIDA International exam (see the International Exams section for further details).

Cultural Trip 2014:

On Septiembre 2014, a group of secondary students went on our longed cultural trip to Italy. They began their journey in Rome, where they were able to visit the Vatican. They also travelled to Florence, Siena, San Gimignano, Venice, Pisa and Lucca, allowing them to get to know deeper the italian culture and language. This experience was profoundly productive for their development in this language and culture and also for their personal growth.

They also had the incredible opportunity to go to the University of Bologna. They made a campus tour accompanied by Prof. Angelo Manaresi, who also told them all about the academic opportunities of the University, which begins in the Buenos Aires headquarters and ends in Bologna.