Vocational Counselling

St. Martin’s offers vocational counselling to its students, starting halfway through Senior 4 and ending halfway through Senior 5.

This process provides a space for reflection, self-knowledge and for seeking the information that will help the students make a truly personal choice.

The point is to encourage the task of learning to make choices by promoting an independent and responsible attitude in each student.

Senior 5 students participate in the “Partners for a day” programme, organised by Junior Achievement. They also visit different higher studies centres, such as the UCA (Argentinean Catholic University, the UADE (Argentinean Business Studies University), the Austral University, the ITBA (Buenos Aires Institute of Technology) and the UBA (University of Buenos Aires), taking advantage of the various services these centres offer, such as talks, conferences and Open Days.

These outings give a glimpse of university life and academic level and help reduce the anxiety produced by the unknown.